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Advantages Of Using BRT Financial

The Business Finance Source
BRT offers substantial advantages that traditional business lenders do not have. These Advantages can be divided into 3 categories:

1) Product Knowledge  2) Customer Service  3) Financing Deals

Lets talk about Product Knowledge first:

Product Knowledge: BRT has experience on how to help well-established businesses and those that are in the start up phase, or those that are "Less Than Perfect" because of some credit problems. BRT is often able to help business owners when other, more conservative lenders can not.

Whether you've had trouble meeting payroll or just want to upgrade your equipment, BRT is your best opportunity to get the financing you need.

Customer Service: Our desire to provide you with a superior level of customer service is just as important as training and knowledge. For this reason a BRT will spend all the time necessary to provide you with a custom financing solution that is right for your business needs. Once your loan package is initiated, BRT will represent you throughout the transaction so that you can focus on running your business.

Financing Deals: BRT can give you access to the most aggressive rates, terms and the ability to work with hundreds of lender programs nationwide, offering you more financing options than you may have thought possible.

In addition, because they have access to "non-bank lenders", they can place your financing with lenders who specialize in different areas of business finance. This allows them to provide you with the same programs that major banks offer, without the restrictive lending criteria that commercial banks often impose on business owners. By using BRT, borrowing for a business has never been easier.

BRT's fee is normally contingent on your loan being approved with a loan commitment, so it costs you nothing up-front to use our service.

Hundreds of Financing Options across the United States, for the best rates and terms available for your business.

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